Some homeowners love spring cleaning and can’t wait to freshen up their surroundings, but others would rather be doing almost anything else. Thankfully, many lazy cleaning tricks make it easy to maintain a spotless home without spending all of your time tidying up. Here are some of the best easy cleaning tips for your house.

Lazy Cleaning Tricks: Use Lemon in the Microwave

Microwaves accumulate a surprising amount of grease and grime over the weeks, and scrubbing all of it off is no fun. One of the easiest lazy cleaning tricks is to place a microwave-safe bowl of water and sliced lemon in the microwave. 

Next, turn on the microwave for a few minutes to create steam. This steam will loosen the debris on the microwave walls and make it easier to remove with a damp paper towel.

Lazy Cleaning Tricks: Line the Refrigerator Shelves

Refrigerator shelves are a magnet for sticky spills and crumbs, and removing them entirely is a time-consuming hassle. An easy alternative is placing a shelf liner or piece of plastic wrap on every shelf in your refrigerator. 

Cleaning up is as easy as sliding the liner out and dumping crumbs into the trash. Some reusable plastic liners are treated with an antimicrobial coating to reduce the chance of mold growth, making it even simpler to tidy up.

Sort Laundry as You Go

Sorting laundry takes a great deal of time, particularly if you have a large family or just a lot of clothes. One of the best lazy cleaning tricks is using pre-divided laundry hampers between lights, darks, and colors. As your family places their clothing in the hamper, they will be able to sort it so that doing laundry is a breeze.

Lazy Cleaning Tricks Using the Dishwasher

The dishwasher is good for cleaning far more than just dishes. Because dishwashers are essentially washing machines for dishes, there are many other things they can sterilize. 

As long as the material won’t melt under the high heat, the possibilities are almost endless, including children’s toys, kitchen sponges, and pet toys. 

Install an Oven Liner for Drips and Spills

Ovens are one of the most inconvenient appliances to clean, and many homeowners put the task off for years. One of the easiest lazy cleaning tricks is installing an oven liner at the bottom of your appliance. These are heat resistant and will catch crumbs, drips, and spills. Cleaning off residue will be easy, and you will never need to waste time scrubbing at burned-on grime again.

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