Shopping for a house is exciting, but it’s also a major investment and you should feel good about your choice. Learn about the property and gain confidence in your purchase when you order an inspection of the home.

What is a Buyer’s Home Inspection?

Home inspections give the potential buyer of the property a chance to identify any major issues before committing to the purchase. You can even use an inspection as a contingency in your offer on the house. This means that if a major problem is discovered during the inspection, you can renegotiate the price or back out of the deal.

A buyer’s home inspection covers all the systems and components of the property. The inspector will note any safety issues. They will also list problems as minor or major defects and will often recommend repair or replacement.

During the home inspection, an inspector examines the walls, the foundation, grading and drainage on the property, the garage, and the roof. Inside the home, they will inspect the plumbing, electrical wiring, heating, ventilation, water heater, and appliances.

Do You Need to Order a Home Inspection?

A buyer’s inspection tells you a lot about the property that you may not see at first glance. It will also show you what types of maintenance need to be done.

When purchasing a house, it’s important to understand the condition of the property. You’ll be able to decide if the home is right for your family and can plan for future improvements and upgrades. Knowing about defects will help you determine whether you can afford to purchase and maintain the house.

Is it Worth the Cost to Order an Inspection?

Home inspections generally range from $300 to $800, depending on the size of the home, its age, and the location. Your inspection may cost more if the home is bigger than average or over 20 years old. If the home inspection comes back showing no or minor defects, the sale can move forward and you’ll be confident that you’re making a smart investment.

In some cases, the inspection may reveal serious issues with the property or a wide range of repairs are recommended by the inspector. If so, you may choose to negotiate the price with the seller or walk away from the deal entirely. The home inspection is worth the price because of the knowledge you gain about the property.

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