Mold is a severe issue for homeowners, as it leads to respiratory illness, structural problems, and skin irritation. High humidity levels, moisture problems, and dark warm spaces are risk factors for mold development, which is common in the basement and bathroom. How can you act to prevent mold growth in your home?

Know Where to Look to Prevent Mold Growth

Mold needs moisture to grow, and it thrives in spaces that are dark, damp, and warm. When you want to prevent mold growth, pay close attention to places like the kitchen, the basement, and the bathroom. If you have a leak in your home or the roof needs repair, act quickly to have repairs made and dry the space out with a dehumidifier.

Maintain an Even Humidity Level

The best humidity level for homes is between 30 to 50%, with the level rising in the summer and lowering in the winter. High humidity levels lead to excess moisture in the air, which provides the environment that mold needs to thrive. Purchase a monitor to measure levels and use a combination of humidifiers and dehumidifiers to maintain steady levels.

Ventilate the Bathroom and Kitchen to Prevent Mold Growth

While most bathrooms and kitchens have fans designed to remove moist air and get it out of the home, many people do not turn them on when they bathe or cook. To prevent mold growth in your house, always use fans and vents.

Clean the Walls and Ceiling in the Bathroom and Basement

When was the last time you cleaned the ceiling? Most people focus on the floors and forget that the walls and ceiling need to be scrubbed. Particularly in parts of the home with high moisture levels, homeowners must regularly clean the walls and ceiling to prevent mold growth and remove spores that might already be sitting on the surface.

Have Air Ducts Professionally Cleaned

The air ducts in an HVAC system recirculate anything in the ducts around the home, including dust, indoor allergens, and mold spores. A professional duct cleaning company will remove any debris or contaminants inside your system and help you breathe more manageable when turning the air conditioner or furnace on.

Dry Wet Areas Immediately

Mold does not grow instantly, but it will flourish in a short period if you do not take action to dry out flooded or wet areas. Whenever there is a leak, flood, or accident that soaks a surface in your home, mop up excess moisture and move fans and a dehumidifier into the room to suck out moisture from the air. Hiring a professional water remediation service is best if there is major flooding.

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